Survival Kits – Thinking Ahead Keeps You and Your Family Safe

It’s funny, isn’t it that when a calamity of any kind strikes, we automatically review what we would need for our survival? Although emergency preparedness is one thing that we must think of, it’s not just limited to outdoors activities like camping or boating. It’s something that we must think of everyday. It’s a hard mindset to get into, but a necessary one. For example, you’ll need to get together survival kits, more essential if you have small children or pets with you. Ideally, each person should have a kit to himself and one “mother” kit for the whole family as well. You can look over survival kit reviews to determine which one is most complete and then add survival gear to personalize it according to your needs. Good survival gear reviews will guide you here as well.

There are several things you need to think of: water, food, hygiene, medicine, and safety or shelter. Water entails having enough for each person – one gallon per day. Water purification tablets or powdered chlorine and a good portable water purification system would be invaluable. Keep enough canned and dehydrated food to last a week. There are quite a few sites up that will tell you how much you’ll need. Be sure to include infant formula and special dietary needs here as well. Constantly replace the food. Special needs medicines (asthma, heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.) should be enough on hand for a week. Keep tabs on expiry dates. With these meds, have stomach, fever, allergy, analgesics, hydration tablets, and basic antibiotic tablets on hand as well. Add to that topical antihistamines and antibiotics plus potassium permanganate for an antiseptic.

Keep a flint for fire and be sure of where you’ll site latrines. Keep it as far away from your shelter as possible. A basic for your survival gear is the survival knife. Again survival knife reviews can help you choose the best one. The SAS tend to favor fixed blades over multi-bladed pen knives, they are stronger and can do multiple tasks. The best survival knives have a single, rounded, slip-free handle which holds a full tang.

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