Emergency Survival Kits Save Lives

Emergency survival kits are an excellent tool for protecting your family during an emergency. Having one on hand, gives a feeling of security or peace of mind. Many people keep more than one on hand. For example, keep one in your home and one in your car. In fact, keeping one in your car should be mandatory especially if you live in a remote area or a rugged area susceptible to severe weather.

Emergency survival kits can come in a range of sizes. Some can be small enough to fit in your pocket. An example of a small kit would consist of a multi-tool, small flashlight, lighter, compass and whistle. This type of kit can be carried in a jacket pocket at all times.

Larger style emergency survival kits can be carried in a backpack or shoulder bag. Examples of the contents include food, water, batteries, cell phone, first aid kit, warm clothes, flashlight and lighter or waterproof matches.

The emergency survival kits kept in a boat or car should be more extensive than something you carry on your person. These large kits could include things such as weapons, tools, large first aid kit, food, water and even a radio.

Emergency survival kits kept in the home would obviously be much larger than any other kit you have. I hope that you will never need to use one. There are several different types of emergencies that could presumably happen. One example would be an emergency that happened to you only, another would be a citywide situation that affects many people. Either way, having a plan is important.

The basic rule of thumb is that your emergency survival kits in your home should last you and your family at least three days. If you need to be evacuated then you should have a kit that you can immediately take with you.

Even if you are hiking in the woods and you have an emergency survival kit in your backpack, you should still carry a smaller one on your person in case you become separated from your backpack.

Emergency survival kits, if made properly can save lives. Do you have yours prepared yet?


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